Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling pretty good

So my first night back to work was not so good.  For some damn reason I couldn't sleep before work.  I had been up all night (I work nights) and then that morning when it was time to go to bed, I couldn't.  SO I went into work having already been up for 18 hours.  I couldn't call in because I had my yearly evaluation with my boss at 5pm.  Plus, my husband was the one on call and he hadn't slept either.  So I was screwed.  Anyway, I went in and we were of coarse busy.  I kinda guess that was a good thing, as it kept me awake but I was so sore and grumpy.  Luckily we had a third person coming in at 11pm so I was able to go home after that.  I ended up going to bed after being up for amost 30 hours.  YUCK!

My second night back was much better.  I was fully rested and in a cheerful mood.  The only thing that really gets sore now is my port area.  It feels like it's tugging and pulling a lot.  It's weird.  I wonder how easy it is to accidentally flip a port.  Bending over is still a challange.  Most of our meds are in the bottom drawer of the of the Pixis here at work and if nobody is around to help me, it's quite the show.  I shimmy down the wall and hold onto the door handle then grab my meds and pull myself back up lol!  Good leg workout too lol!

My lower abdominal pain has gone away completely, like I said, just port discomfort now.  It got me thinking.  I'm due for a fill in 7 days.  It's gonna be interesting when he's feeling around on my belly looking for the port.  I think it's going to hurt, and I've heard he doesn't use any numbing stuff.  Idk, we'll see.

As far as my water consumption, since I've returned to work, it's gotten better, but I'm still not up to to the amount I should be drinking.  I WILL get better though.  I know how important it is.  Another thing I'm sucking at is drinking protein shakes.  UGH!  I don't want any!!! 

I haven't exercised yet, but I think I will start very soon.  Maybe today.  I'm just going to walk on my treadmill if anything.  Nothing too crazy.  I weighed my self finally and I've lost 2.5 pound since surgery.  I'm down 16.6 pounds as of yesterday.  :)

Well, it's bedtime for me.  Nighty night.


Jenny said...

16.6lbs!! That is so great! It takes time to heal, don't push yourself too hard.

Barbara said...

Hi Ashli... not getting sleep sucks.. it does throw you off.. so glad to read you were able to get back on the routine.. and yes the port area still being sore is something we all experience.. I would say I had soreness up to about 3 months and then it started to get better.. I am 5 months out and every now and then (when I use my abdominal muscles I will still feel the port pain).. Some ports have metal clips which the surgeon attaches the muscle to ..hence that nagging feeling..sounds like you are doing well.. nice weight drop too!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

My port area gives me some pain every once in awhile. I remember after surgery there was some definite tugging in that area. Pretty soon you will barely notice it!

Teresa said...

Hi AShli - sounds like things are coming around for you. When I had my first 2 fills, I will admit they were painful. The 2nd fill felt like he was trying to pick up my organs with a skewer! lol But again, everyone is different. (and this comes from someone who dispises needles!) Yes, he does not use numbing medicine. I have to admit the fills I've had since then are not bad at all, kind of like getting an injection in your rump, stings, but not painful. He said as you lose the weight, the port is easier to hit. So that's a plus. Again, everyone is different. Afterwards, they will give you a bottled water and ask you to start sipping, hang around though, don't leave the office right away. they will probably put you in the waiting room while you drink. In case you have any problems in keeping the fluid down, he can remove a little from the band then. Don't be in a hurry to leave. You should do just fine. Great weight loss, don't worry, you will get everything going you are supposed to be doing (exercise, water drinking, protein shakes). It will come altogether for you.

Keep up the good work.

Sandy Lee said...

My port pain went away around the 4th-5th week. When I had the fill at week 4 it did hurt a bit as he poked around. He wasn't the surgeon who did the surgery so he was trying to actually find the port. Squealing when they push too hard really makes them feel bad so don't be too brave. You should do fine.

Cathy said...

I'm so glad the lower ab pain is gone. Hopefully the port pain will be gone soon too. I'm totally with you on the protein shakes. I'm not a fan. If you can't stand the powered shakes, try the Atkins ready mixed. They will keep you from getting hungry and they are so easy. No mixing, etc; very convenient for work. Another great thing I've discovered (for when you are able to eat more solid foods) are the Atkins protein bars (the Caramel Nut Chew tastes just like a Snickers bar!) and only 130 calories.

Go easy on the exercise. Remember, you are not fully healed yet.

Keep up the good work. 16.6 lbs is wonderful.

Girl Bandit said...

Sounds like hard work so take it easy!!! I found the port site ok but it will only feel a bit like a bruise being touched when they fill you...the actual fill is a cinch it might just hurt when they feel for the port, Good luck