Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I survived

So I went to my pre-op appointment today.  I talked with the nurse a little bit about some basic "rules" of lapbandom.  Then I had some blood taken, ekg, chest x-ray and she took my measurements.  They took a before pic too.  Then I met with my surgeon.  He asked if I had any questions and I really didn't have too many.  I did ask him about the POST-op diet because the nurse was pretty vague about it.  Well, the doctor ended up being pretty vague too.  He said that for 2 weeks post surgery I'll need to be on liquids.  Full liquids.  He said nothing about mushies or how much I should eat at one time.  He just said that he'll place the band flat (no saline) and a couple days after surgery I'll feel like I can eat just like before.  He said I won't have any restriction.  He also said that some people say they feel restriction without saline but he thinks it might just be in their head lol!  So after two weeks, I'm supposed to come in for a check-up (April 1st to be exact)  and he'll probably give me a fill then.  Did you hear that?  TWO WEEKS!!  That's sweet!  That would mean less time in bandster hell!  He said with the first fill he does 2-4cc's.  I hope he goes with 4, why drag this out?  lol!  He then said he'll do more fills every 2-4 weeks as needed.  So I was pretty happy when I left.

edit* I wanted to add that I'm so glad to have all of you people because without you I think I'd be so lost considering my dr is so darn vague.  So thank you and I'm glad that I know, because of all of you, how things should be done.

After the appointment I had to meet my husband at his sisters for another family gathering.  They had the graveside services today for his mom (which I couldn't attend due to my appt.)  When I arrived, there was food galore!  It was pretty much torture.  But I didn't cheat one bit.  Oh my Lord it was HARD!  Delicious food as far as the eye could see!  I just had a protein shake and a bottle of water.  We just got home and I made some chicken broth and I have to say, it was the best damn broth I've ever had!  I might have some jello next.  Anyway, I guess that's all for now.  Goodnight...

 *oh, I wanted to add, thank you guys so much for all your great comments.  You make me feel so good.  You're support is greatly appreciated :)*


Debi said...

You are lucky Ashli! I was supposed to be on a fairly restricted diet after Surgery. However, I went straight to mushies on the day after Surgery!

My band had 2 cc's in at Surgery so I had a little restriction, but mostly due to the swelling from the Surgery than the actual cc's!!

I just had my 3rd Fill and I am up to 5 cc's. I am still not really at restriction except right after the Fill. I expect to feel the restriction around 5.5-7 cc's.

My Doctor goes more slowly. They will not give a Fill sooner than 3 wks from the last Fill, but they prefer 4-6 wks!!

So what I am saying is that I hope you get at least 3 cc's, as that really won't give you much restriction, but it will give you some to start with.

And give you some time to get used to having a bit of restriction without going from nothing to RESTRICTION so to speak.

But you are lucky that they will give you more frequent Fills. So you will probably be at restriction before I am, and my Surgery was on Nov 19th!!! LOL

PS) So sorry to hear about your MIL. I know what you are going through, we watched my FIL pass away in January of this year. He also was having some health issues and we knew that he was going downhill, but he went really fast!

Mike Marlow said...

I have to tell you all that my wife is a soldier. Not only did she come to my sister's house today with a ridiculous amount of food everywhere & not cheat... she came into the kitchen and helped my sister-in-law and I put away all of the food & clean up the mess, so my sister and her husband didn't have to do it. I told her that she didn't need to, and to go wait for me in the living room, but she insisted on helping. I know it had to be hard for her.

Leslie said...

Wow! Two weeks, you are so lucky!! I had to wait 6 weeks and then they had problems with my fill so I had to wait another month. It was awful.

What my doctor told me on the post-op diet, especially on the liquids is that you drink when you feel hungry and with a target of at least 60g of protein a day from the shakes. I don't know if that helps you any. :-)

fiona said...

Thank you so much for sharing in such a detailed way. Most people skim over the "boring bits" and I want to know everything. I am going for the pre op tomorrow and Ive just realised I dont have a container for my pee sample! What to do, what to do???
I think your before pictures are great, good lighting, nice pics even though you dont like them and they will be a great tool to help you be good. And also a good reference point. Well done you for being so honest. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to put my measurements online. I haven't even admitted them to myself yet lol.

I am 273lb and my op is on the
22nd of March. So a long ways to go. We have about the same amount of weight to lose.
I wanted to say a big well done for coping with your recent loss and not cheating. I know in the past I have used things like that as an excuse to comfort eat and it must have been very hard for you.
So big well done. I am looking forward to following your blog.
Good luck and take care.