Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6

Today was a better day I suppose. We woke up and went for a walk.  I decided we should bring the dogs.  They don't get out for walks on the leash much so it was pretty much a disaster.  We ended up only going about a quarter of a mile.  But hey, it was better than nothing. 

Once we got home we began looking through my husband's P90X material.  In case you don't know what P90X is, it's a program developed to get you ripped in 90 days.  He plans on starting that after my surgery.  It includes eating plans and several DVDs.  While we were doing that, I remembered this booklet of info my nutritionist gave me.  I opened it up and to my relief, there were guidelines in there for post op eating.  I was worried about this because my doctor was so vague about how to eat right after surgery.  He didn't tell me much of anything.  So, here's what it says:

Days 1-2:  Clear Liquids (32-64oz per day).  Plus liquid protein supplements equaling at least 60 grams per day.

Days 3-4:  Add full liquids, low sodium tomato juice, thin cream soups and yogurt.

Days 5-6:  Add applesauce, pudding, smoothies and bananas.

Days 7-10:  Add mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, baby food, well cooked vegetables, beans and vegetable soup.  (No grits, rice, pasta or peanut butter)

Days 10-13:  Add baked potato, oatmeal, soft boiled and scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and canned pears.

After two weeks: Slowley add baked fish, tuna, whole wheat crackers, small amounts of rice, pasta, vegetables and whole grain cereal, granola bars, protein bars.

Week 6:  Add baked turkey, chicken and salads

Week 8: Add ground beef and gradually add roast beef, ham and sausage.  Slowly add fresh fruits.  Steak should be last.

Now, I know that's way different than a lot of yours and it seems to be a bit more speedy but I'm just glad I have SOMETHING to go by.  I can take it more slow if I need to.  Anyway, so I made a list according to what the book says I can have and went to the grocery store.  I bought applesauce and this delicious looking peach applesauce too (all no sugar added), pudding cups (all sorts of fabulous flavors, again, no sugar) and lots of cream soups.  I got cream of chicken, tomato, cream of broccoli, cheddar soup (which I'll add to the cream of broccoli) and I think thats all the soups.  I also got a pack of the yogurt drinks.  I totally forgot regular yogurt.  So all that should get me through the first couple of weeks. 

So, I have a confession to make.  I cheated today.  I am in PMS mode and my brain was screaming FEEEEED MEEEEE!  I literally couldn't go another second without food.  So I had a small piece of chicken breast and some green beans.  Also, I had a handful of wheat thins and some hummus.  I wish I wouldn't have, but my brain said i had to.  I couldn't stop myself.  I did however, take some of my carb blocking pills I have prior to eating my wheat thins.  Maybe that can counteract some of the damage a little bit.  :-P

Tomorrow, me, my husband and another couple are going to go up to this paved trail that surrounds a lake and get some exercise.  They're going to ride their bikes but I want to walk.  It's 4 miles.  So I'm sure they'll go around several times on their bikes but I just plan on walking around it once.  I'm not sure I've every walked 4 miles at one time before but I'm sure I can do it.  It'll be great.  Wish me luck!


Leslie said...

Don't beat yourself up too much about what you ate! You are doing good. Just 8 more days now.

Your Post Op diet is way different from mine. I'm jealous. LOL. That sounds reasonable though. I think the biggest thing is listening to your body. My mental hunger about a week after surgery was insane. The first few days I was good to go because I was sore and a little crabby from surgery.

Sandy Lee said...

I too "cheated" pre-op with crackers. It's the carb thing. Don't look at it as cheating because I'm sure in the past you would have eaten a whole bunch of junk instead of that chicken breast and beans. LOL.

You're almost there. My post-op diet was similar but I did get to eat finely chopped chicken breast and hamburger by week three, as long as it was in a soup or other sauce.

I'm just starting back on the excercise (walking) after 3 weeks and it feels great to get outside again. BTW, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

Drazil said...

OMG - I tried P90x. One day - never again. Too much ab work and my abs are so tight from my tummy tuck that I can't do it. I wish I could have though - I've heard people who do it love it! Good luck to you on your walk! Enjoy the scenery!

~ Katie ~ said...

wow! that booklet sounds a whole lot better and more detailed than the instructions given to me. Don't worry about the cheat. it happens. I cheated the whole pre-op diet :(