Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 3 post op

I woke up today still pretty sore.  My back ached almost as much as my stomach, from having to lay in that one position for 3 days.  I like to sleep on my sides and that's just impossible at this point.  I came downstairs and took a shower.  I can't say it was a beautiful moment, I just wanted out of there so I could lay back down.  It did feel better to be clean though.  I got dressed and had a shake.  I then took my pain meds.  I felt much better.  Hubby got me set up with a heating pad on my back and it felt good.

Mike had to work tonight, so I'm home alone.  I was sad he had to go, and a little scared.  But I've been fine.  I'm just making sure I have something in my tum tum before I take my meds so I don't feel like puking.  So far I haven't had any issues like that today.

One thing I know I'm not doing good on is drinking water.  It just sounds so sick to me, but tonight I've been trying a little harder.

I haven't been able to cough much because of the pain, but today a big cough caught me off gaurd and I coughed up a huge glob of crap.  It was totally gross.  I know that getting pneumonia is pretty easy when you've had abdominal surgery because you're not deep breathing or coughing so that made me really aware of that possibility and I've been trying harder to deep breathing and splinting my stomach while I cough. 

So when did you guys take off your bandages??  I've lost my discharge paper that says when.

I have to say, that I think I can feel my "two' stomachs.  I can feel a burp building up in my lower tummy then it squeezes through the hole and up into my little one (which is a little bit painful) and then it comes out.  I'm glad I'm not having problems with burping.  I know some of you weren't able to at first.  I am wondering however, if I'll ever p*&p again.  It's been like a week.  But I haven't really been "eating" anything so maybe theres just nothing there.

Anyway, time to go walk a few laps around the house and lay back down.


Jacquie said...

It sounds like your improving a little more each day which is a good thing! I think its a good idea about the cough thing. You have to get that stuff out!

I hope today is even better than yesterday for you. I have 6 more days until surgery day!!!

Leslie said...

You are doing just fine!

I think on my 5th night home I was able to sleep on my side. What I did was put a pillow up against my stomach and kinda hugged it. I felt better protected that way...does that make sense? I still have to sleep with a pillow that way now even though it's almost 7 months since my surgery. LOL.

I also hugged a pillow to cough all that junk up. made me feel protected.

I always had a water bottle next to me, I found it easier to keep track of how much I was drinking too. If you want some flavor get some of those crytal light packets.

I had surgery on Wednesday and took my top layer of bandages off on Sunday. I had steri strips that stayed on a bit longer than that.

Hope all this random information helps!

Carmen said...

I took my bandages off 2 days after surgery (as my doc said to) and at my followup I fully expected him to take the steristrips off but he said once the edges started curling to just pull them off. I took the last of them off on this past Tuesday 3 WEEKS after my surgery!!
Just keep drinking water!!! Did they give you a spirometer to expand your lungs? I also coughed up nasty crap but I think it was just a combo of being sick/ getting a throat tube/ and the anesthesia .
You are doing great! :-)

Jenny said...

ITA with Jacquie, you sound so much better than the first day!

Stephanie said...

I started sleeping on my side on day ofur, but I used a full body pillow to sort of wedge next to me to hold everything in place. Pillows are great to use when you have to cough, otherwise i was just having to hold onto my belly to prevent movement. I felt so stupid doing that! Yes, they gave me that little breathy thing, but I hated using it. I was having no problems coughing and expanding my lungs on my own (my alergies where flaring up something fierce due to the pine pollen) and I was coughing up tons of phlem. It went away quickly though. Hang tight...It does get better! :)

~ Katie ~ said...

You're doing so good...totally jealous of how well your coping. I didn't have any bandages, but with my previous surgeries they used tape and I was told I could take them off then they start to pill on their own (the ends are no longer sticking to the skin)

The bathroom issue is a pain. you might need to take a liquid laxitive. I still have problems and take a chewable benefiber to help

Kim said...

I have the clear stickers over my incisions - the ones that they cover your IV with on the back of your hand. I was told to take them off in one week and one day, so that'll be tomorrow for me. They're pretty ugly, because you can see right through them so all the dried blood is clearly visible.

Regarding the #2 . . . .I was given an antibiotic that they said might cause diarrhea. It hit me on day 4, so I had no constipation problems. They wanted me to stop the antibiotic if I got diarrhea, so I did, but I've been having #2's since. They certainly aren't like the old days, but at least it's something.

amandakiska said...

I was bandage and steri-strip free after day 4. My wounds have been healing very nicely, but I've got some gnarly scars! Amen on the body pillow. Also on the pnuemonia - I got a horrible cough that lasted weeks and weeks. I never went to the doc so who knows if it was pnuemonia or not, but it really didn't feel good to cough. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to REST, REST, REST. Even when you feel better, make yourself rest every few hours.