Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Picture Day!

Hello all! I don't really have anything important to say really, but thought I'd drop a line. I haven't exercised in the past few days cuz I'm LAME! I have been keeping track of my food intake so that's a plus. I work all this weekend so I won't have time for much over the next three days. I work 3 12's in a row so once I get off work and get home I have about 8 hours till I have to get up and do it all over again. Next week I have off Monday, Tuesday and then have a four day weekend! Woohoo! I get my fill Wednesday. I'm excited about that. My port burning sensation or PBS as I like to call it (lol jk) has improved. Haven't felt the burn since Tuesday. YAY!

So, since I bored you with the last paragraph, I thought I'd entertain you with some random pictures!!

This is my house
Another spring storm rollin in
My doggies
My miracle kitty, Bella and me.
Our chicks
Look how they've grown in just a few weeks!
Playing with a few chicks yesterday. Not a good idea to let them on our carpet, the two of them pooped 2 times each in the 5 mins we had them in the livingroom. Little shits!!
Me and my BFF "working hard"
My awesome new water bottle! That little spout, is a straw! Luv it!
And for the grand finale......drum ro0o0o0o0o0oll....

My sweet and sour chicken from a local place here in KC (pre-band)

Have a great weekend!


Fiona said...

lol Ashli, I bet that chicken was a mouthfull? Love reading your blog. I have the same carpet problem when my parrot get on the floor! I think its fear.
Cant wait to see how the your fill goes. x

Ashli said...

LMAO! I couldn't eat it! :P

Carmen said...

love your house!!
and is it just me or does that chicken look a little...hmmm.....phallic? :-)

Drazil said...

Are you serious about the chicken? My God - that's creepy! Twig and berries all fried up! Love the puppies and chicks...and love you!

Jenny said...

I could not have eaten that Chicken!! Love the pics!