Sunday, April 4, 2010

Knock knock! Who's There? BAND

My band made it's first appearance yesterday.  We went out to eat with my bff (who I'm happy to say is back in my life :)  We went to 54th street.  I got a toasted turkey sandwich with fries.  I had 1/4 of the sandwich (a half of a half) and a few fries.  I was full everything was fine.  Later that night, I decided to reheat my food.  I was not paying attention and I ate a couple of fries rather quickly then a bit of my sandwich (all of this was pretty dried out. you know how reheated food gets.)  I suddenly felt that something wasn't right.  It wasn't painful, but there was pressure.  Like I had a HUGE burp that needed to come out but couldn't.  I started pacing around...then went in the bathroom.  I felt the need to spit a lot, like I couldn't swallow it.  I then pb'd a little bit.  It was nothing was exactly that, a productive burp. It wasn't like throwing up at all.  I did not feel relief from it.  My husband was outside, so I went out there and paced around and stretched my arms up and stuff.  It eventually passed.  I wouldn't say it was a horrifying experience as I know they can be way worse.  But it was an eye opener and a nice "hello" from my band lol.  At least I know it's there now :P  We went to my grandma's today for Easter and I was able to eat a 2x2 piece of lasagna, a small spinach salad, and a few noodles of pasta salad.  I had a piece of garlic bread but only ate a small bite and gave it away.  About an hour later I had some dessert too.  I can tell I get full faster now, but I don't stay full for long.  Tomorrow, Mike and I are hitting the gym.  I'm officially going to start exercising this week.  Oh ya, I wanted to ask you guys.  Since my fill, I can tell exactly where my port is (the area) where as before I wasn't sure where exactly it was.  The reason I know, is because it burns periodically.  I never had this before the fill.  I makes me worry (I'm a worrier) that the doctor dislodged it or something.  He was so aggressive when he was looking for it.  Really digging around.  I guess if he would have ripped the stitches out in there, I probably would have felt pain.  It was really only discomfort that I felt.

Anyway, we had a major storm the other day.  It only last for a few minutes I guess (I was asleep with earplugs, didn't hear a thing).  I walked outside to leave for a hair appointment and this is what I saw...



Our grill was on it's head too.  Broke the damn knob off.  Arg!!  We're under another tornado watch now.  It's starting to look a bit ugly outside.  I just hope it doesn't hail or that another tree limb doesn't fall.  Especially not on our house.

Happy Easter Everyone!  Oh speaking of Easter, I came downstairs this morning to find Mike's stupid dog had eaten all the Easter chocolate out of the candy bowl.  Foil and ALL!!!  What an idiot.  That was almost 12 hours ago and she's fine so far.  Let's hope it stays that way.  I guess it's good that it's gone now and I can't eat any LOL!


Girl Bandit said...

Sorry to be an alarmistic but keep an eye on your dog as chocolate is a toxen to them (Iam a vet nurse) I found after my first fill that my port was sore after he pressed it. He said that is can be sore for a while as it is stitched into the muscle wall and they push hard to feel are only 20 days out so that would make sense to me. That storm looked dangerous...take care and I hope the tornado doesn't hit

Holl said...

one time when i was a teen, we had a bag of hershey kisses on the kitchen table. we all left to go somewhere and came home and the empty bag was on the floor. our dog had eaten the whole bag, foil, paper flags, and all. she was fine.thank god! hopefully your will be too.

Amy W. said...

I wouldnt worry to much about feeling your port. I never expierenced anything like that with mine...but we are all different!

That was a crazy little storm!

Congrats on the pb...hahah...only in the sense that you know your band is there!