Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late Night Blab

I was reading a blog that I am newly following ( and she had a very interesting article on there about "starvation mode" I'll have to admit, I thought it existed. I've been eating about 1200 calories a day and I'm not really losing much weight. I thought cutting out any more calories would make it worse, but after reading that, I'm thinking that's what I need to do. So starting tomorrow, I think I'm going to cut it back to 1000/day. At least until I get a regular exercise regimen going. We'll see how it goes. I think my next fill is going to be May 5th or May 14th. I haven't decided yet. I'll decide by Monday and give them a call. That should help too. I'm doing much better with this 2nd fill compared to the first one but I think I can still eat more that I should. Like for instance, tonight, Mike brought home a thin crust chicken, spinich and artichoke pizza (We hadn't ate all day, and I hadn't felt good, so we wanted something easy). I was able to eat 2 pieces and probably could have ate 3 if I wanted to, but didn't. When you're at your sweet spot, should you be able to do that?? I'm thinking I just need a 1/2cc or so more. I do have to say I'm getting a lot more used to band life. At first, it seemed that I was somewhat resistant. What I mean is, I didn't want to take the bun off my burgers and the thought of not being able to eat EVERYTHING on my plate, or finish that last bite made me irritable. But now, my brain has finally wrapped around it all and everyday gets easier. It's becoming routine. I'm glad. :)


Jacquie said...

Hearing you say you are getting used to band life makes me feel better because I also have those feelings. I hope I can get over the fact that I can't always eat whats on my plate and be ok with it.

Ashli said...

It WILL get better Jacquie. If I can do it, so can you! :)

Girl Bandit said...

Hey Ashli...can you expand on what the blog said??? Or have I missed the link??? Two slices of pizza is probably ok many would of you had before????