Friday, April 23, 2010

BYOC! <----I just found out what that stood for lol! I've been so confused!

1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why.

I watch Lock Up and I agree with Drazel, working anywhere in a prison would not be something I'd ever want to do. Kudos to your hubby. Also, I'd never want to be a nurses aide. I work closely with many of them and they have to deal with a lot of CRAP, literally. Kudos to them too!

2. What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday?

My sweet little pom pom, Mocha!

3. What do you hide behind?

I've never admitted this before, but I hide behind the fact that I have PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I've always blamed my weight on this, my moods on this, my inability to get pregnant on this... In reality, it DOES play a HUGE part in all of these things. BUT, I didn't help the situation by eating the wrong things and not being active enough. I didn't help the situation by letting my hormones ruin my day or letting all of the negative pregnancy test make me feel like a failure. I have to power to change and choose to be happy and make the most of things. I can't let a a 4 letter acronym run my life anymore.

4. Where were you born?

Kansas City, Missouri

5. Which comment affected you the most this week.

Well, I know this may sound stupid, but Drazel commented on my blog asking if I was going to Chicago and that I should totally come. I know we didn't need a personal invitation but it felt good to have someone care if I was there or not. Thanks Draz!

*Isn't it amazing how honest we are in our blogs? It's great that we can all be so open and feel comfortable in doing so. If only in "real life" we could all be so free*

Onto a different anyone bringing anyone with them to Chicago? Like a friend from home? I was thinking of asking my mom to come. We've never had a mother/daughter trip and she's battled with her weight as well. She's super fun!! Would that be weird if she came? I doubt she'll be able to but I'd like to ask. What do you think? Give me honest answers, I don't want to mess anything up.

Our MS walk is tomorrow. I wish we would have known about it sooner so we could have fund raised a little bit. Registration for this thing is so confusing. Not to mention the donation part. It's crazy confusing. I think we're just going to show up tomorrow and say, "we want to walk today, here's our donation, what do we need to fill out" I doubt they'll turn us away. It's supposed to rain. I hope it doesn't.

Anyway, that's all for now.


Steph said...

Hear hear! I have PCOS too and it sucks, but we can overcome it.

I'm not bringing anyone from home, because I feel like I would almost cling to them and not get to know everyone as well. I can be a little shy and I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and be totally vulnerable. But to each their own and I don't think anyone would judge you!

Ashli said...

Ya, I thought about that too. And honestly, that might be why I'm wanting to bring someone. Cuz I'm subconsciously a little scuuuurd! LOL! IDK, we'll see.

Jenny said...

I don't think it would be bad to bring her, but I would worry about what Steph said.

Sandy Lee said...

Ask your mom if she wants to come to Chicago. I'd be thrilled if my daughter asked me to go on a trip with her (and guess what-she's your age). We did a weekend when her friend was getting married and we all got alone great. So go ahead and ask.

Girl Bandit said...

Oh Hugs to you....I am coming from Australia and if you guys don;t like me I am going to go shopping and then DH will divorce me LOL....I love mums. How nice of Drazil to ask you....

Drazil said...

Totally bring Mom if you want. Heck maybe your mom will find a new friend too just like you will. You're the cutest thing ever - every time I see your pics I think that. The more the merrier. You're gonna do fine - we're all nervous but it's a good nervous so it'll be great. SO happy you are coming!

Fiona said...

I have to ask, is it invitation only? I emailed Steph for details but now Im thinking that might not have been the right thing to do.

Canadian Bird said...

Chicago is so NOT invitation only... but Steph's the right person to email about details! :)

I invited my bestie to join us (Camille, Tanya, & I). She's not a bandster, but had GB 3 years ago & I thought she'd really like to hang with us bandsters. Dunno yet if she's coming, but she's definitely considering it! :)

Robin at Band on the Run