Thursday, April 15, 2010

2nd Fill

Hey guys! Well I had my 2nd fill yesterday. There was no student this time but it wasn't any better. The doctor had troubles. OMG it hurt sooooo bad!! Took 4 pokes or so and a lot of prodding. I was so glad when it was over. He gave me 1.5 ccs. So now I have a total of 4.5ccs. All yesterday was liquids/mushies so I was eager to "try out" my fill today. We went to Bob Evans. We decided to share a turkey wrap. I was able to slo0o0ly eat almost my whole half (it was very loosely stuffed). I was satisfied. :) Then, about 3.5 hours later, I was starving. So when we got home from shopping, I heated up some chili I made the other day. I made myself about 1 cup. I got most of it down, but took about 2 bites too much I guess, cuz I was stuck. Blahhhhhh! I pb'd like 5 times. Nothing violent but annoying none the less. The first few times it was actually food, the other times it was just saliva I guess (but thicker, sorry tmi) It's different because I don't actually feel totally FULL before the pressure in my chest starts. I could feel it a little bit when I was eating my turkey wrap but I knew I didn't feel FULL yet. I just wasn't hungry anymore. I started to feel a little chest pressure so I took that as time to stop. I guess I've always ate till my stomach felt like it was gonna pop and that's just not whats supposed to happen anymore. Anyway, this is definitely a learning process. I know now that when I feel a little chest pressure, better stop. Something else I've noticed with this fill is that when I eat, it seems like with every bite, little air bubbles come up. Like, food goes down, air comes up. Weird. But I'm happy. I actually feel like I might get somewhere with this fill. It's exciting.

Anyway, Mike and I went on a big shopping spree today. The fan in our bedroom died so we had to buy a new one. We've been wanting a fan in our livingroom for awhile, so we bought one for it too. We're currently trying to put it up...but of coarse, we're running into problems. Mike's off to the hardware store for the second time already. We also bought a carpet cleaner (dogs can be so messy), took us 3 different Wal-Marts to find the right one. Then we bought paint to do our bathroom, along with the rugs and towels. We own a 100 year old farm house and completely remodeled it (basically built a new house within a old house, not a fun project, never will do that again!). We still have lots to do, and painting is a big one on the list. If I had the energy, I'd load some house before and after pics for you, but I don't. Some other time. I picked a seafoam blue color. The original one I liked wouldn't work for the type of paint Mike wanted. So I had to compromise with one close, but a little lighter. Hope it doesn't look stupid. We had to buy this special paint with no VOC's (I don't know what that is) but they're bad for you. I guess paint can leak chemicals into your house for up to 6 years and Mike wants a "healthy house". So alright then, healthy paint it is. I saw this commercial for this painter's tape called Frogger. It's supposed to be awesome and make super crisp lines (no bleeding). Cost me $8 for one roll! CrAzY! So that will be on the list of things to do tomorrow. Mike has to work tomorrow night so it'll be a good project for me to do. Well, I've rambled long enough. TTYL :)


Bec said...

Hi, so glad that someone else in lapband land has/know how it feels to get fills like that. Nearly all my fills have been extremely painful, so I know exactly how you feel there. I have had a student doc to. She was so very nice, but had no idea and missed the port by a long shot. I want to take the needle and lay them on the bench and see how they like all the jabbing and prodding. Do they even know how it feels LOL. I like your blog. Take care.

Jenny said...

Glad you got your fill in! I hate doing home improvement projects. Its classic, you think you have what you need and then 5 trips to the store later...... But I love how it looks in the end!

~ Katie ~ said...

Hate that you had to be poked and prodded- again! for this fill. When y'all are done, will you come to Texas and paint my bathroom? I'll feed you :)

Hope this fill will be the "good"one for you :)

Teresa said...

ashli -

My first 2 fills were the same way. After you lose more weight and you got loose flesh going on near the port site, it will be easier. Now when Dr. P gives me a fill, its easy, kind of like when you have blood drawn. Really doesn't hurt now. Hope your 2nd fill helps. Good Luck and keep us posted.