Friday, April 2, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Ok, so I know I just got this fill but I can tell that I'm going to feel NO restriction from it.  I know my body and I just know I feel nothing.  Matter a fact, I'm STARVING.  I even ate a PB&J earlier with no problem and was hungry again an hour later.  I pretty much didn't expect my first fill to do anything for me...but it's still kind of disappointing.  My doctor said I can come back in 2-4 weeks for a second fill.  I'd like to call tomorrow and make my two week appointment but I know they'd be like, WTH?  You just got one YESTERDAY!  I don't want to wait until two weeks, THEN call cuz what if they can't get me in for awhile.  I think I'll just wait for the weekend to pass and call them Monday.  Wonder how aggresive he'll be with my 2nd one.  I want 3 more.  Cuz I feel nothing.  But I doubt he'll give that much.  I really hope I'm not one of those people that requires a ton of fluid.  That would suck.  Can everybody tell me how many cc's you had where you felt it was your sweet spot?? My doctor says he rarely sees people with double digits.  He said 5-9cc is the most common.  I know patience is a virtue....BUT I DON'T LIKE PATIENCE!!  ;-P


Teresa said...

Ashli -
Trust me when I tell you, the fill will kick in. Sometimes it takes 2wks to do so. Don't get overly aggresive in getting the fills. Go ahead and schedule an appt for the wk of the 12th or 19th. You can always cancel. Listen to the voice of experience if you get an overfill, you will get too tight and will be sicker than a dog. It happened to me last April. I thought I needed a fill, got too tight and was sicker than a dog. In 6 days I lost 8 1/2 lbs, couldn't keep anything down. You don't want that. I have the 10cc band and think you probably have the same one like mine. Currently I have 4 1/2 cc and I'm at my SWEET SPOT. Everyone is different. Some get by with 3cc, others need the full 10cc in their band. Take the fills slowly. I'd rather you take these in small increments than to get overfille and by sick. Better to go in next time and ask for 1cc, see how that goes and if you must, a few wks later request either 1/2 cc or 1cc. When I go I request 1/2 cc, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also, continue on the diet schedule that Thelma gave you. Apparently the diet schedule has changed, no way would I have been able to eat a PB&J sandwich 16 days after surgery. But follow the schedule she gave you. Continue to exercise, drink the water and have a protein shake (its been 1 1/2 yrs since surgery, I STILL have 1 shake a day.. its imperative to keep your protein intake up for good health). If you do all of that, you will be fine. Best of luck, and take it easy on the fills.

Jenny said...

Maybe its because your body hasn't had a lot of real food in a while and now that its gotten some its not wanting to let go! I would call the dr. anyway. You wouldn't be the first patient!!

Leslie said...

I'd call and schedule your next fill but you have to have patience.

I'm at 7.5cc's and am still not at my sweet spot. My husband on the other hand is at 6.5cc's and seems to have found that perfect spot for him.

With that said, I try hard not to rely solely on my fills. I try to work my band and not rely on them too much if that makes sense.

Linda said...

Everyone is different, but I'd say most of us didn't feel too much after our first fill. It took me awhile to get good restriction(9.5 cc's). One thing I would recommend is not to get too caught up in how much you are eating, but stick to protein first, 3 meals and a snack(if needed)just like you would do if you were at your sweet spot.
If I ate a PB&J sandwich today I would be hungry really quickly too because carbs like that don't stay with me, protein does.
You'll get there - chin up.