Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's your favorite magazine?

What magazines do you guys read?? I subscribed to Shape last night. I really can't believe there is not a surgical weight loss magazine. I have searched and searched. Do you guys know of one? I got Shape for $15.00 for a year. I really love Star too but I don't have the money to spend $75 on a magazine subscription right now. I know that's cheap considering if you bought each one in the store every week you'd pay way more than that but still.

Anyway, I'm about venture out into this little snow storm we're having to get my hair done. Then I'm going to make a trip to Wal-mart. I'm going to buy my pre-op diet stuff. It officially starts next Monday. However, I work this coming weekend and I might as well start it early since I won't be able to cook anything yummy or go out since I'll be stuck at work. So Saturday and Sunday I will start the diet, EXCEPT I am going to incorporate chicken breast and non-starchy veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) Then on Monday, it's full blown starvation diet time! LOL! A little water with a side of hungry! So Saturday I'll be posting my official "starting" weight and measurements and maybe pictures. I'm not really looking forward to posting the pictures. I will, but I don't have to like it! I don't believe I'll be doing any bra and panty pics. I'm not that brave. On Friday while I was at work, this guy who is leaving to move to California soon took a picture of me when I wasn't paying attention then showed it to me and I about puked. I'm like Amy, I don't see myself quite as overweight as I really am so I was quite displeased.

Well, I better go. I've got to get ready.


Carmen said...

Here is a couple :-)

i haven't yet subscribed to either one, but they both seem pretty good!

Dirttrackdiva said...

if you're still interested in wlslifestyles i subscribe to it. i really like it. it's not exercise or workout focus though if that's what you're looking for. it tells stories about people that have had wls. it's not band focused though. if you're looking for workouts, womens health is awesome. i get that one too. hope this helps.