Saturday, February 6, 2010

I thought the wait and wonder game was over.....guess not.

Well, I spent all day calling my doctors office trying to get a hold of the lady that schedules the surgeries. I began calling at 8:30 this morning. I left 2 messages. After not hearing from her all day, I called the front desk. They said, "oh she leaves around noon" ugh!!! I was pissed. I wanted to leave a message saying, "Hi, apparently you don't answer your phone or call people back. Well, I expect a call from you FIRST thing Monday morning or else!!!" LOL! But I don't think that would help much, just maybe make me better for a second.

So I went to Walmart today. I bought some Centrum chewable vitamins, some chocolate calcium chews and some sub-lingual B-complex. I know my surgery is probably at least a month away but I was excited and wanted to buy SOMETHING! LOL! As my husband would say, I'm such a consumer. Also, they had this big section set up where there were racks and racks of clothes for $3 or $5. So I had to check it out. They were all summer clothes like cute little fitted t's and little shorts and whatnot. There were no plus sizes though. I saw a few XXL's but not many. I thought about buying some "goal" clothes, I even had a few things in my cart cuz who can pass up $3?? But I ended up putting it all back. I don't even have my surgery date yet, I didn't want to get too ahead of myself.

Well, I know I need to start getting into better habbits now that I know I'm approved for surgery. I'm not gonna jump on the dieting and working out wagon super fast and go all crazy right now. I'm going to take it slow. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to set a water goal and try and reach it. I've heard you're supposed to take your weight and cut it in half and that's how much water you need in a day. In my case that would be about 140 oz!! Does that sound right? Is that too much?? I'm gonna do a little research and check it out. Either way, I know I'll be drinking at lease 64 oz. I've always heard 64 oz. So, once I get that habit going, I think next week I'll start the treadmill, and just keep working things in as I go so I can have a nice routine going once I get banded.


Holl said...

omg girl. you sound just like me.i bought the same centrum chewables and some of those chewy chocolate calciums, too. i've also been buying different protein shakes and trying them out to see what i like and what i don't like so i'll know ahead of time. and "clothes dreaming", too. there's nothing worse than seeing a rack chock full of cute clearance clothes only to find they don't have any big enough to fit. sigh! the story of my life... but soon not to be anymore!!!!

Ashli said...

Thats right!! This time next year we should be able to go hog wild in any clothes clearance section we want!! LOL!