Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow snow go away!

So right about the time I was going to leave for my hair appt they called and said it was canceled because my lady couldn't get to work because of the weather. So I decided to go do my shopping. The roads were so0o0o crappy! Good thing I have a 4x4 SUV. I got my protein and jello and broth and crystal light, etc. I tried the protein when I got home. I got chocolate and vanilla. I like it. It would be real good if I was able to mix it with milk but my doctor says water only. So it tastes, well, watered down. The brand I got was Body Fortress from Wal-Mart and it was only $12.00. It's whey protein isolate and contains 26g of protein, 110 cal and just a couple carbs. Sounds good to me! The woman at the checkout looked at me crazy because of the 20 boxes of jello I bought lmao! That may be overkill, but if that's the only solid food I can have for 14 days, I might be eating a lot of it. She ended up asking me about it and I told her about my surgery. She was a sweet ol lady :)



So, as I was leaving to go to Wal-Mart, my dumb dog got outside and ran for the hills. As I was on my way home from shopping, my husband calls and said someone had spotted her down the road. So I go there and there are several cars in front of me and I see her in the middle of the street walking in my direction against all this traffic. Nobody was behind me so I stopped and attempted to get her in the truck. She thinks it's cute to get real close to you then run away. So I didn't get her. I came home and my husband was shoveling the driveway and she comes and zooms past him several times, of coarse not getting quite close enough to catch. So whatever!! She can stay out in the snow and be cold. Little brat! It's 31 outside, so that's not too bad. Hopefully she comes back before dark.

Here's the naughty girl, Xena.


DawnB said...

I am so sick of snow - we are expecting two more storms this week. That's funny about the jello! I kinda did the same thing only it was something like 20 cans of broth =:)

Athena's Melting said...

I sure hope that is not heading my way :(

Jenny said...

I feel lucky this time of year to live in Fl! I miss the snow being from NY, but not the shoveling!!

Thanks for posting which kind of protein shake you purchased, I was curious as to which one you would wind up with.

Dirttrackdiva said...

that dog is too cute and she looks like she's a pistol. lol my dog is too.