Thursday, February 11, 2010

Merry Lapband!!!

So lately, when I see something I want, for instance a new camera or Wii Fit, I've been saying to my husband, "o0o honey! you should get that for me for my Lapband!" Like it's a holiday and I deserve gifts. HAHAAA!! Like I'm giving birth to a baby and should be showered with presents or something. LMAO! Hey, I should throw myself a Lapband shower!! Where should I register? HAHA! jkjk. Let's see, I kinda want Wii Fit, I want a new camera (even though the one I have is just fine), I'd like to have a juicer, like the one you see on TV that that old guy advertises. You can just shove whole fruit in it and it takes care of the rest. Sounds super healthy to me!

Well, theres apparently three different kinds. Not sure yet which one I want. I like the look of the stainless steel, but not the pricetag lol!

Any of you have a juicer??


Amy W. said...

hahaha! I have always wanted a juicer! I love your M.O!

Jenny said...

I love any excuse for presents! I am totally stealing this idea once I get approved! I should start making a list!!

Linda said...

Why didn't I think of that??
Just think of all the fun shopping you get to do after. :)

TracyZ said...

I wish I could've registered for band presents!! That is such a perfect idea!

I don't have a fancy juicer (although it used to be on my list of things I had to have for my kitchen) because the doctor said that once I got out of the liquids stage, I shouldn't drink my calories anymore. Since the band won't stop you from drinking too much or make you feel full from drinking it, you could really take in a lot of calories with juice. So if it were me, I'd get the one with the best price because you may not end up using it for long!!

Ashli said...

I'm not really registering for band presents lol!! Ya I know you don't want to drink your calories but you can put veggies in the juicer too and it can make for a pretty healthy drink to have every once in a while.