Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Protein Powder. What kind?

Hello all! I'm thinking about protein today. What kind should I get? I'll be ordering or buying some this Friday (payday). My requirements are, it needs to be soy or whey isolate, have less than 6 grams of carbs and contain at least 20 grams of protein. I have found some stuff called Nectar. It's made by Syntrax. Kind of pricey, but I've heard it tastes DELICIOUS. No protein powdery taste at all. It comes in many flavors from fuzzy navel to lemonade to cappuccino. The best part is it has 23 grams of protein per scoop and ZERO carbs and only 90 calories. My liver will be shrinking in NO TIME! LOL!

I just hope it comes on time. Oh well, even if it doesn't I'll still use it post-op. Have you seen my ticker?? Only 26 days till surgery!!! That reminds me, my head has been feeling a little spacey and dizzy as if I'm getting a sinus infection or ear infection. I need to make a doctor's appointment. Wouldn't that be awful to get sick before surgery and have to postpone? UGH! I have a co-worker that was having GB and she got sick at the last minute so they pushed her surgery back and she ended up having to do FOUR weeks of pre-op diet (which in our case consists of water, broth, jello and protein powder) Poor lady.


Leslie said...

I still haven't found a protein powder that I like but I haven't tried the kind you are thinking of.

I didn't have to do liquids before surgery but I did tolerate the Worldwide Protein shakes. They were decent

~ Katie ~ said...

That's really not a bad, it will last a long time. I paid almost $40 for protein powder from smoothie king. I still have about 2 weeks worth left. 90 calories!! you won't find anything with less. Go for it. It will be worth it if it tastes good :)

Cathy said...

Make sure you get something you really like, or the liquid diet will be awful. I personally can't stand ANY of the powder type shakes and I've tried quite a few. I haven't tried the brand you're looking into though. If you don't get the powder mixed good enough into the water, the clumps are horrible. I have been using the Atkins ready mixed shakes for years. They taste good and no mixing. Plus, it is easy to stick one in the fridge at work at not have to mix powders when you're in a hurry. They do have more calories though (150) and more fat grams, but when that is all you are eating it really doesn't matter. You'll still be taking in way less calories than you are taking in now. Good luck with your search!

A Fat Chick Getting Skinny said...

I just went through this over the weekend.
Amplify at GNC in the chocolate is good. It's on special right now and so we got 20% off. I was able to sample it before purchasing and if for some reason I don't like it, I can return it with a receipt. I had to do that with the Chocolate Designer Whey. It was beyond disgusting!!
We also have 100% Whey Protein by EAS in vanilla and it's not bad either, which is a good thing since hubby bought the 5 pound thing at Sam's!!

Cathy said...

I agree with the Chocolate Designer Whey. I read so many good reviews on it, so I purchased a large container of it. The minute you take the lid off, it smells like diarrhea! I gave it to my mom.