Friday, February 19, 2010

Pity Party

Today was the kind of day that I'm sick of and look forward to getting away from. I feel (I am) so fat and uncomfortable. I feel lazy and had no motivation tonight. My husband is at work so I'm bored and all I want to do is eat. I eat, then I feel bad about eating and that makes me want to eat more. UGH! So I decide well, let's stop having a pity party and paint your toes. Bad idea. I can't even do that anymore without issues. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 10 more days! I'm looking forward to starting my pre-op diet. I'm sick of letting food control me and I'm ready to have a break from it. We need a trial separation! lol! I'm ready to feel better and have my energy back!!! It feels good to vent a little bit.

I think I'm going to go clean my office where our treadmill is and start using it. (which I should have done a long time ago) The weather here is crappy and continues to be crappy. Winter has a tight hold on us. Supposed to snow for the next 3 days. I'm pretty tired of it. I'm craving spring! I want to go outside!!

Well, I'm going to go clean now. I've sat here all night not doing anything productive. I did however watch the new episode of 16 and Pregnant and 3 episodes of The Real World. Does that count as productivity? I think not. lol!


The Secret diaries of .... said...

awww maybe we could have a pity party together...I am feeling the same but have 34 days to go! I can only say stay positive and try to ditract your self.. I dont know if the tredmill is your best option.. but if it makes you feel better go for it ! Thinking of you xx

Cathy said...

You just described exactly how I felt 2 1/2 years ago. I was so tired all of the time. I barely had any energy to keep up with my babies! My knees and back hurt all of the time. The last thing I wanted to do was work out. When I did work out, it never made a difference; so I figured "why bother?" I took long naps every single day because I had no energy. Now, naps are a thing of the past. My knees and back feel great and I love to exercise. In fact, that is what gives me so much energy. Now my kids can't keep up with me!

You are going to feel so much better. Start out slowly with the treadmill and work your way up. It only gets better from here!